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Dynamical House Division:

Dynamical house division is the trisection of the ascendant/descendant and midheaven/imum coeli angles and is a separate issue from topical houses.  Dynamical houses are used to judge the strength of a planet, whereas topical houses are used to show what area of life a planet will most likely affect.  In hellenistic astrology, the signs take on a house role.  Medieval astrologers use dynamical divisions for topics as well as strength.  Valens said that if the midheaven (Mc degree) falls in a sign other than the 10th one from the ascendant, that this sign would also give images (signs or oracles) related to career (a sort of topical use of dynamical divisions).

The dynamical house division settings are found by hitting the <F3> key and are in the middle of the window to the right of the Swiss Ephemeris path setting.  Click the drop down arrow to select a system.

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This is not the place to tell you which house system to use, but for a contrast of opinions I can recommend two articles:

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