Autogenerated Charts

This is one of the most important innovations in this software which is extremely important for research and cutting down configuration time. It's possible to automatically generate charts from windows or graphs that that give a date/time for some event. Just click on the graphic ephemeris or time lords graph, or primary directions lists, firdariyyah, etc, and your predefined choices for what to show will come up in the multi wheel of your choice. In other software, you typically have to set a location, date and time, then have to set up the wheels individually which can take more than a minute. Instead, I have it set up so that you can set the order of charts you want to display with a user defined default location. The first version just showed various types of progressions and transits, but later versions have evolved to include something known as "Time Wheelstm. There are currently 45 chart types that you can automatically include in the display which include various profection points (both shaded and arrow, medieval and hellenistic variants), zodiacal releasing levels for various points as shaded zodiacal sections, transits and progressions of various types. You won't want to display them all at the same time, but can include up to 4 of these displayed against the natal chart in any order just by dragging these up or down (up = inside, down = outside) in the list.

autogenerated options

Timaeus Pro also has a limited version of this feature which has transits and various progression types, because "Time Wheels" are only available in Delphic Oracle WL and XPF.



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