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All software orders receive a download location by email after ordering. If you have a slow connection, I recommend you also get the software sent on DVD. Free GoToAssist tech support sessions are available.

Software Licenses

smoky quartz styleNote: Timaeus 9 Pro can be thought of as "Delphic Oracle Lite" because most of the functions of these two programs have merged. Delphic Oracle includes the more advanced material from the Hellenistic era as well as all the medieval techniques that have been programmed so far, whereas Timaeus 9 Pro only includes the medieval techniques. Timaeus Lite has neither of these, but includes the planetary hour in system tray, chart displays, etc... as freeware.

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 Delphic Oracle 7:  $199.95
 Timaeus 9 Pro:  $79.95 Qty:   

Note: The Terran Atlas standalone license is primarily meant for those who are not interested in Delphic Oracle or Timaeus (such as historical or academic use in a University setting). The Terran Atlas is also built into Delphic Oracle and Timaeus and if you are a registered user of one of these two applications, you do not need to buy the standalone version of the Terran Atlas.

 Terran Atlas 2:  $29.95
     (standalone only)

Media Options

Note: Due to postal rate increase Jan 2013, the following postal rate changes are implemented. If you order Delphic Oracle license and DVD, the Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual will be included with shipment, but the US Postal service has more than doubled rates for packages sent to countries outside of the USA. Therefore there is now a split in rates between USA and International orders. All software licenses will be included on your disk.

 DVD (International)$16.45 Qty:   
 DVD (USA)$9.45 Qty:   

The Delphic Oracle DVD Video Manual is divided up into nearly 60 different avi files with a total record time of 4 hours and 6 minutes covering nearly every aspect of the program's operation. It comes with a web page outline with links and descriptions for each of the avi sections.

Readings & Classes

 Reading (per 1/4 hr): $25.00 Qty:   
 GoToAssist Classroom: $100.00 Qty:   

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