Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: When I start Timaeus by clicking on the icon on my desktop, the application shows for about one second and then disappears. I can't seem to keep the window open.

A: What you are seeing is the initialization sequence for Timaeus, which then minimizes to the system tray and monitors the sky until called (next to your clock on the lower right hand side of the screen). You should see two astrological glyphs: one for planetary hour and the other showing the rising sign in the system tray (if not, make sure you click customize and then select "show icon and notifications" for your tray options). Double click on the icons to show the current sky for your location or right click for other options.

Q: I tried installing your software and I get the error: Installation Error: 1311 source file not found. What should I do?

A: This error is caused by invalid CD-drive allocation. You can get around this error by copying the contents of the installation CD-ROM to your hard disk and perform the setup from HD and this will bypass the error. If you are more technically inclined, set the AllocateCDRoms key in:


... to value=0.

Q: I'm having difficulty getting Delphic Oracle/Timaeus to read my installed version of ACS atlas. I have a copy of ACS PC Atlas that I received with Solar Fire 5. How can I get Delphic Oracle to read the ACS Atlas files?

A: The ACS Atlas dll file only looks in predefined locations that specifies, so if you have Solar Fire or Kepler, etc, then those programs install the Atlas in their own locations where findcity.dll doesn't know to look. What you should do is install the stand alone version of the ACS Atlas which is usually on these CD's provided by Astrolabe which will install the atlas in the common files folder.

The path should be (in most cases):

c:\program files\common files\acs\fullatlas

The files acsia.dat, acstt.dat, acsua.dat should be in the above folder.

The stand alone exe file will be located at:

c:\program files\acs\atlas

The exe file is not necessary as findcity.dll uses the .dat files alone. I suspect that there are .ini files that have to be set as well. It is best to contact Astrolabe for details.

Q: For some reason Delphic Oracle/Timaeus shows the Moon in a slightly different position than what is stated in Solar Fire. Is this a bug?

A: No. You most likely have topocentric positions checked in the General Options (Press F3 and check the General Tab). Most software uses geocentric positions which is a position as seen from the center of the earth (in molten lava). For the most part the difference between these two positions is negligible, but the Moon is close enough to create a visible parallax that will show up to 1 degree difference between geocentric and topocentric positions. If doing lunar returns, I strongly suggest you research the different coordinates as this can lead to a two hour difference in return times and lead to a different sign rising in most cases. I tend to use topocentric positions for the most part because one is born on the surface of the earth not in the earth's core. However, there is a theoretical problem of how astrological influence arises and what it is that mediates between the stars and the observer (birth location), especially when planets are below the horizon. Axel Harvey made a possible argument for geocentric positions on Chris's myspace forum.

Q: Timaeus tells me that the date is May 21st, 2004 and the planet positions are not correct. How can I correct this?

A: In the examples that I have seen, this is caused by your PC using a 2 digit value for the year. In your Control Panel, you will need to change the "short date format" so that it uses 4 digits for the year. Once in the control panel, click on the Regional Options, then the "customize" button, then the date tab. The short date format should be "yyyy", not "yy". (Note: on the Options Tab in Timaeus you should also make sure that your date format is set correctly based upon what date style your machine uses.)


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