Portable Registration

Some companies have the practice of making you buy a new copy of software for each machine that you use. That is not the case here because I believe one should be able to run their software on any machine of their choice or multiple machines at the same time without interference because the real users of software are human, not machine. I only ask that if others use this software on your machines for an extended period of time, that they register their own copy. From my rather long experience, I see no point in registration schemes that enforce one copy to one machine to ensure payment in this world. Companies that do this don't seem to understand that no one can cheat karma. It's not some external force of retribution; believe it or not, it is you who will have the most trouble forgiving yourself in the long run if you don't act with integrity. Obviously some people lacking consciousness believe differently because it takes some longer than others to come full circle, but I know from personal experience that this is so. A balance of all transactions will not neccesarily happen in this world, but will most surely happen.

"The place whence things come to be, there must they pass away by necessity, for they must pay penalty and do recompense according to the ordering of time." - Anaximander



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