TerraChron tm 4DHD Time Lord Astrocartography

TerraChron in 4D HDTerraChrontm in 4D High Definition raises 3D vector animation to a new level! This is a new 3D astrocartography module in Delphic Oracle which has very new technology in high resolution vector graphics and animation with time lord support to make it 4 dimensional. The old saying goes "being in the right place at the right time". Originally, astrocartography focused on where planets were strongest by placing lines on a map to show where planets would fall on the 4 angles of the chart, but there was no way to tell when these lines would be most "active". With special effects in 3D, now one can select a time and find which areas are "hot" at any given time. The algorithm for calculating time lord intensity in a given location was invented by Curtis Manwaring (a student of Robert Schmidt's since 1994 - read Schmidt's endorsement of Delphic Oracle) who is familiar with the Hellenistic astrological texts. It is experimental and at the same time based upon Platonic philosophical principles of the manifestation of the soul.

Special effects include Zoom / Magnification, Depth and Line/Plane height or thickness, Volume and Opacity/Transparency to show intensification of time lord sequences. One can rotate the globe in any direction and apply animation at various speeds and intervals forward and backward in time. One can override visibility settings to list only the planets that one is interested in as well. This YouTube video demonstrates the operation of TerraChron.



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