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Ascendant conjunction  Ascendant: The ascendant often has to do with first impressions that we get from others. This shows that the two of you tend to see the world in the same way and have similar visceral responses to likes and dislikes. While this may seem like a favorable indication for a relationship, too much similarity tends to create stagnation and lack of interest. Since the purpose of any relationship is spiritual growth, this combination would probably only survive if there is greater contrariety in the other indicators.

Ascendant trine sextile  Ascendant: This combination shows that the two people involved have similar likes and dislikes and have a favorable first impression of each other. This combination tends to create more interest and excitement than the conjunction, helping each to expand and add to their understanding of the world. Reciprocation of favors comes easily and this is excellent for teamwork or any partnership because the other person is capable of taking over where the first left off.

Ascendant opposition square  Ascendant: This combination tends to create a certain amount of friction. This is because the two of you tend to have contrary likes and dislikes and react differently to the same stimuli, but tend to favor the same issues. For instance, you might both love baseball but one of you is a Phillies fan and the other is a Mets fan. This is not a confirmation that there would or should be no relationship! This combination shows that each of you can learn a great deal from the other if both of you are willing to compromise a little. First impressions might tend to be slightly unfavorable. In the case where the ascendants oppose each other (within 3 degrees), there is the tendency for each to be the other's "nemesis" unless there is much to negate this combination.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx  Ascendant: This combination shows that the two of you have a very different outlook and philosophy of the world and that your visceral reactions, likes and dislikes are very dissimilar. Common ground is likely to be scarce here. It would be an indication that there is lack of interest between the two of you, or that there is some temporary purpose for your knowing this person. However, other indications must be considered. In some cases, these two people may be trying to avoid eachother.

Ascendant conjunction Sun This is one of the great indicators for a stable and long lasting relationship. The ascendant individual can identify with the solar person and the solar person has respect and admiration for the ascendant individual. The ascendant person likes the purpose or main goal in life of the solar person. The solar person often (subconsciously or not) wishes that they were more like the ascendant person. If romance is possible, then this is often an indication of a physical attraction.

Ascendant trine sextile Sun This combination is similar to the conjunction except the effect is usually weaker and less noticable than the conjunction. They both like and admire eachother and have agreement of convictions and purpose in life. However, unlike the conjunction, the solar person tends to be happy being him/herself and usually does not try to be like the ascendant person.

Ascendant opposition square Sun The ascendant individual's outlook and view of the world tends to be at odds with the purpose and will of the solar person. The solar person may tend to challenge the ascendant person's sense of identity under negative circumstances with the danger of a contest of wills. However, if other indications are more positive, these two may come together to solve problems. They can accomplish a great deal together if they can set aside their differences.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Sun The solar individual tends to lack awareness or ignores the intent of the ascendant person. The ascendant individual has difficulty seeing and identifying with the solar individual's sense of purpose. This relationship will not last without some other indicators bringing a reason for it.

Ascendant conjunction Moon This is one of the great indicators for a stable and long lasting relationship. This is a relationship in which feelings and instinct play an important role. It is great for sexual relationships and intimacy. The ascendant person is instinctively aware of the Moon person's feelings and may act as a counselor to the Moon person. The Moon person feels comfortable around the ascendant person and will seek to take care of his/her needs. The Moon person has great empathy for the ascendant person. It is usually very difficult for these two people to keep secrets from eachother.

Ascendant trine sextile Moon These two people share similar likes and dislikes on an instinctive level. The ascendant individual is perceptive of the emotional state of the Moon person. The Moon person is sympathetic towards the ascendant person. Body language plays a role here because they communicate well without the use of words.

Ascendant opposition square Moon These two people may get started off on the wrong foot. First impressions should not be trusted. The ascendant person often has trouble understanding or sensing accurately the mood of the Moon person. The Moon person may lack sympathy for the ascendant person. This is not a major obstacle, just one where the two of you will need to be sure to communicate clearly.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Moon These two people are very different in their likes and dislikes and taste. They will not have very much in common with eachother unless other aspects exist bringing the two closer together. By itself, the ascendant individual has more than the usual difficulty in understanding the emotions of the Moon person and the Moon person does not feel supported in his/her needs by the ascendant person. Also the Moon person often doesn't support the philosophy and basic views of the ascendant individual.

Ascendant conjunction Mercury This is an excellent combination to have because communication is greatly improved. Basically, the ascendant individual is keenly aware of how the Mercury person thinks, and the Mercury person is able to articulate the thoughts of the ascendant individual, sometimes taking his/her words out of his/her mouth. These two people rarely misunderstand eachother.

Ascendant trine sextile Mercury This aspect is also good for communication between individuals as both tend to focus their perceptions in a similar way. The ascendant individual is quick to pick up on the Mercury person's thoughts and the Mercury person finds it easy to talk to the ascendant person.

Ascendant opposition square Mercury This aspect tends to create confusion and misunderstanding. The confusion and misunderstanding seems to be more common in the square than the opposition. If other aspects between the two people are generally good, then this is typically only a minor inconvenience, but if there are alot of difficult aspects then this will heighten mistrust.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Mercury By itself this is not a profoundly difficult configuration. It generally means that the Mercury person's thinking patterns are very dissimilar to the ascendant person's way and philosophy of approaching life. It doesn't become difficult unless the reason for the two getting together has to do with solving problems, in which case they might find it difficult to work together effectively.

Ascendant conjunction Venus This is a great aspect for romance and physical attraction. They tend to both sit up and take notice of eachother. The ascendant individual tends to initiate the first contact and may be the first to notice the Venus individual. The Venus individual is capable of making the ascendant individual feel good about him/herself and loved. Friendship results in other circumstances.

Ascendant trine sextile Venus This is very similar to the conjunction listed above, but may not be as keenly felt. It brings about friendship and alliances if romance is not a possibility. There is often a feeling of excitement when these two get together. They often have friends or social acquaintances in common.

Ascendant opposition square Venus These two people may not click at first, but the attraction is usually quite strong. Romance may be indicated if the reason for them knowing eachother does not preclude it. Sometimes these individuals come from different social circles. Occasionally, there is a cultural gap to overcome.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Venus These two people are not likely to meet unless there is some other influence bringing the two together. As a result, this does not usually mean anything profound. Because the two signs are in aversion to eachother, the Venus individual's social realm often has nothing in common with the ascendant individual's outlook on life.

Ascendant conjunction Mars This union can have a variety of meanings. If romance is possible, then this adds the spark of passion to the relationship, but if romance is not the issue, then the two often get together for the sake of some activity. They often find that they have similar or common objectives and goals in life. However, if most other aspects are difficult, then there is likely to be an increased animosity of eachother that could degenerate into hatred or even physical violence.

Ascendant trine sextile Mars This aspect is easier than the conjunction if most of the other aspects between the two of you are difficult, in which case, physical violence is unlikely to be instigated by this aspect. This also creates similar aims and objectives as stated above and the two of you are likely to enjoy many of the same activities. The Mars individual tends to make the ascendant individual feel energized.

Ascendant opposition square Mars This aspect is difficult and frequently a source of argument and conflict. The two of you will usually have trouble seeing eye to eye on the same issues. When problems arise, the two of you will usually differ on the best course of action. If many difficult aspects are present then this is an indication that the two of you may end up enemies to eachother. See if the Mars individual was born during the day or the night. If it was daylight, then the Mars individual is usually the source of the problems. If the Mars individual was born at night, then the ascendant individual would usually do well to compromise or take the advice of the Mars individual.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Mars These two people have dissimilar aims, goals or objectives in life. They should not get together to work on some project together because the teamwork is likely to be missing or ineffective, especially if this configuration goes both ways.

Ascendant conjunction Jupiter This is an extremely benevolent union. The Jupiter person likes and admires the ascendant individual and the ascendant person returns the same feelings with a mutual trust of eachother. There is usually excitement when these two get together. If romance is indicated, then this deepens the feelings but if not, then these two will end up as friends. The Jupiter person has the capacity to make the ascendant person feel good about him/herself. The ascendant person is often instrumental in helping the Jupiter person take advantage of new worlds of opportunity.

Ascendant trine sextile Jupiter This is a positive aspect and tends to create alliances and friendships. There is goodwill between these two people and this goes a long way to creating an atmosphere of trust in any relationship. This aspect sometimes indicates a joint interest in philosophical or religious issues and they sometimes get together to help those less fortunate.

Ascendant opposition square Jupiter This aspect is usually positive as well, but there is danger that these two may take their fun and excitement a little too far. The Jupiter person will tend to be an influence of intemperance on the ascendant individual. The ascendant individual often seeks to please the Jupiter individual.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Jupiter This is not a terribly profound configuration, but if it is present both ways, it may indicate differences of philosophical or religious views.

Ascendant conjunction Saturn This union tends to be a bit difficult. The Saturn individual should watch a tendency to become a wet blanket to the ascendant individual's aims and objectives in life especially if the Saturn person was born at night. Often the ascendant individual feels blocked or inhibited in some way by the Saturn individual with the end result being that the ascendant individual does not feel good or confident about him/herself. With other aspects being positive, the Saturn individual can be a great teacher to the ascendant person and the ascendant person shows respect to the Saturn person.

Ascendant trine sextile Saturn This is a fairly positive aspect in that the Saturn individual can often further the aims of the ascendant individual in some practical way. The ascendant individual often has great respect for the Saturn person. This tends to create a relationship that lasts a long time and is stable albeit a little dull at times.

Ascendant opposition square Saturn This aspect tends to create mistrust and misunderstanding. The ascendant individual's aims and objectives tend to make the Saturn individual feel less secure. The Saturn individual may belittle the efforts of the ascendant person and the ascendant person generally lacks respect for the Saturn person.

Ascendant semisextile quincunx Saturn This is probably the best aspect (or rather lack thereof) these two planets can have to eachother because it is generally not desirable to have an aspect between these two indicators. When there is an aspect then there is some important lesson to be learned; usually for the ascendant individual. This is a case where by Saturn's absence the relationship is lightened up a bit.

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