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Venus conjunction Venus  Venus conjunct Venus: This indicates that these two people share similar values and affects. They usually have very similar likes and dislikes and enjoy similar social environments. They may have many friends and acquaintances in common. It is also favorable for romance and brings sympathy and compassion.

Venus trine sextile Venus  Venus trine or sextile Venus: You should read the description for the conjunction above because this is essentially the same as the conjunction.

Venus opposition square Venus  Venus opposite or square Venus: These two people have conflicting desires and often do not enjoy the same kinds of activities. Sometimes this is brought on by a culture clash. In romantic settings, this combination may bring the disapproval of relatives.

Venus semisextile quincunx Venus  Venus aversion to Venus: These two people have very dissimilar likes and affectations. If there is a relationship between these two people, then it usually is not about having fun together.

Venus conjunction Mars  Venus conjunct Mars: This combination is indicative of a strong romantic and sexual attraction. The Mars person is usually the one to initiate first contact. It is doubtful that your sex life will ever get dull with this combination. In platonic friendships, it brings about a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Venus trine sextile Mars  Venus trine or sextile Mars: This is essentially the same as the conjunction so you should read the description above.

Venus opposition square Mars  Venus opposite or square Mars: There is a strong sexual and romantic attraction here as well, but often there is some sort of problem with timing. The Venus person tends to think of the Mars person as too crude and aggressive. The Mars person usually thinks the Venus person is too stuffy or uptight. Compromise is necessary in order for this to work out well.

Venus semisextile quincunx Mars  Venus aversion to Mars: This would seem to indicate a lack of romantic attraction, especially if this configuration is present reciprocally.

Venus conjunction Jupiter  Venus conjunct Jupiter: These two people often agree on political and religious issues and often share the same sort of social or political agenda. This combination is also good for romance and helps to create a party atmosphere. They also have sympathy and compassion for eachother.

Venus trine sextile Jupiter  Venus trine or sextile Jupiter: This is essentially the same as the conjunction, so you should read the description above. This aspect also lightens the mood when these two people get together, as with the conjunction.

Venus opposition square Jupiter  Venus opposite or square Jupiter: This may create differences of social or political agenda. By itself, this does not create any real discord. These two people are often pleasant and polite to eachother but there may be an underlying tension based upon these differences. The Jupiter person may not approve of the Venus person's tastes and values or may encourage extravagance, overindulgence and poor investment decisions. Avoid this aspect in your choice of stock broker.

Venus semisextile quincunx Jupiter  Venus aversion to Jupiter: This is not very important unless this configuration is reciprocal, in which case it may indicate that the reason these two people get together has little to do with advancing a social or political agenda or having fun. These two are not likely to be interested in eachother's company.

Venus conjunction Saturn  Venus conjunct Saturn: This is not a very good combination for romantic situations. It is likely that the Venus person will begin to feel trapped or inhibited in a dull relationship/routine after a time. The Saturn person will have to watch a tendency to become too demanding. The Venus person will tend to regard the Saturn person as a party pooper. This union is all the more difficult if the Saturn individual was born at night.

Venus trine sextile Saturn  Venus trine or sextile Saturn: While this combination can be a bit staid, it is very helpful in creating a relationship that lasts a long time. Each is very respectful to the other. It is capable of creating long and stable marriages that have practical benefits such as stabilizing joint finances.

Venus opposition square Saturn  Venus opposite or square Saturn: This is essentially the same as the conjunction, so you should also read the description two paragraphs above. The difference is that this tends to be a little more difficult than the conjunction. The Saturn person is often cold to the Venus person.

Venus semisextile quincunx Saturn  Venus aversion to Saturn: This is usually desired in relationships where fun and happiness is the main issue, but if present reciprocally, it may decrease the stability and longevity of the relationship.

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