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Moon conjunction Moon Moon conjunct Moon: This union shows that the two of you have very similar needs and emotional temperament. Each is instinctively aware of the other's emotional state, which makes it more difficult to keep secrets from eachother. Each is supportive of the other's needs. This combination goes a long way towards ensuring domestic tranquility and tends to promote a long lasting relationship.

Moon trine sextile Moon Moon trine or sextile Moon: This is very similar to the conjunction so you should read the description above. However, while each of you is supportive of eachother with similar emotional temperament, you will probably be less aware of eachother's emotional state than in the conjunction.

Moon opposition square Moon Moon opposite or square Moon: This combination tends to create a lot of "pet peeves" and petty annoyances caused by conflicting habits. If these two people move in together they might find out more about eachother than they would ever care to know. Domestic tranquility is likely to be hard to come by. Your life together may resemble the TV series "The Odd Couple".

Moon semisextile quincunx Moon Moon aversion to Moon: These two people are likely to have very dissimilar needs and emotional temperament. It is not very likely that these two people would want to live together for very long.

Moon conjunction Mercury Moon conjunct Mercury: This aids greatly in communication. The Moon person instinctively knows what the Mercury person is thinking and the Mercury person can articulate the emotions for the Moon person. The Mercury person is sensitive and sometimes acts as a counselor or a sounding board for the Moon person. This is sometimes an indication of telepathy between two people.

Moon trine sextile Mercury Moon trine or sextile Mercury: This is very similar to the conjunction but maybe not quite as strong in its effects. It aids in communication ensuring that misunderstandings are rare.

Moon opposition square Mercury Moon opposite or square Mercury: This aspect tends to bring out misunderstandings and confusion between two people. The Moon person may seem hypersensitive to the Mercury person. The Mercury person must be careful not to offend the Moon person with careless statements or an overly critical attitude. Arguments and debates are common. This aspect sometimes brings out the difference between emotion and logic. An example of this can be seen in Star Trek in the relationship between Spock and McCoy.

Moon semisextile quincunx Mercury Moon aversion to Mercury: This may be an indication of a lack of sympathy or empathy between two people, especially if this configuration is present reciprocally. Communication is often lacking. Arguments are rare however because the dissimilarities do not bring these two close enough together for them to notice anything is amiss. This is not a good indication for intimacy.

Moon conjunction Venus Moon conjunct Venus: This is a very benevolent union. It creates harmony and sympathy in romantic relationships, partnerships, marriage and business. It creates a similar value system so that the two will be in agreement in financial and social issues. It is often an indicator of intimacy.

Moon trine sextile Venus Moon trine or sextile Venus: This is very similar to the conjunction but weaker in its effects. They usually have many friends in common. The Moon person feels loved by the Venus person and the Venus individual is often catered to by the Moon person.

Moon opposition square Venus Moon opposite or square Venus: These two people have conflicting desires and needs. Often the Moon persons need for security in is conflict with the Venus person's desire to socialize. The Moon person may seem too clingy to the Venus person and the Moon person often feels that the Venus person is insensitive.

Moon semisextile quincunx Venus Moon aversion to Venus: If present reciprocally it is an indication of a lack of intimacy or interest in eachother or it can mean that unrequited love may be an issue.

Moon conjunction Mars Moon conjunct Mars: This is an instance in which first impressions may not be favorable. In romantic relationships, this aspect makes for passionate sex. However, it can bring disturbances and turmoil into any relationship. The Mars individual may be too aggressive and hostile to the Moon person. The Moon individual tends to take the actions of the Mars individual too personally and tends to overreact.

Moon trine sextile Mars Moon trine or sextile Mars: This aspect creates passion and romance and is great for excitement and intimacy. The difficult effects of the conjunction (shown above) are avoided for the most part. These two people will want to do things together and will not want to sit around. Adventure awaits the two of you.

Moon opposition square Mars Moon opposite or square Mars: This aspect brings hostility, posturing, defensiveness and arguments between two people. There often isn't much that these two people will agree on. The Moon individual is constantly on guard against the Mars individual. The Mars person is bothered by the Moon person's constant nagging.

Moon semisextile quincunx Mars Moon aversion to Mars: If present reciprocally, these two people are less likely to react strongly to eachother and the quality of excitement may be lacking in their relationship.

Moon conjunction Jupiter Moon conjunct Jupiter: This is a very fortunate combination. The Jupiter person has the ability to lift the Moon person's spirits. The Moon person is respectful for the Jupiter person's abilities and background. As a result, the Moon person often looks up to the Jupiter individual. The Jupiter person enjoys the hospitality of the Moon person.

Moon trine sextile Jupiter Moon trine or sextile Jupiter: This is essentially the same as the conjunction. A relationship with this aspect often indicates an opportunity for understanding and growth, usually more so for the Moon person. The Jupiter person feels supported and comforted by the Moon person.

Moon opposition square Jupiter Moon opposite or square Jupiter: This aspect is often seen where one person is not happy to accept the other person as he or she is. It is usually the Jupiter person who tries to push to Moon person to grow faster than he/she is ready to. The Moon person feels rushed and thinks that the Jupiter person should exercise more restraint or moderation. The Jupiter individual often feels that the Moon person is too cautious, conservative and sensitive and should learn to take risks more often.

Moon semisextile quincunx Jupiter Moon aversion to Jupiter: This is not an especially profound configuration. It means that one persons need for security and belonging has little relationship to the others need for philosophical growth and understanding. Since the houses of the Moon and Jupiter were in aversion since the creation of the universe, this is merely a mirroring of the natural course of life for all people.

Moon conjunction Saturn Moon conjunct Saturn: Compromise is often a key factor in this relationship. The Saturn person may try to restrict the Moon person's expression of feelings. Since Saturn is agnoia (failure to take notice) this is an indication that the Saturn person is insensitive to the feelings and needs of the Moon person. The Moon person may feel deprived and unloved. The Saturn person is capable of teaching the Moon individual some responsibility and consistency but it is often a fine line between being a strict disciplinarian and becoming a stabilizing force for the Moon person.

Moon trine sextile Saturn Moon trine or sextile Saturn: This is a positive configuration for both involved. Here, there is adequate balance between discipline and indulgence, between wants and needs. The Saturn person is often a stabilizing force for the lunar individual. The Moon person returns respect to the Saturn person. In a domestic setting, it is an indication that the daily routine will run smoothly with good management.

Moon opposition square Saturn Moon opposite or square Saturn: This tends to be a rather harsh combination. The Saturn individual often neglects the needs of the Moon person making the Moon person feel unloved or unappreciated. The Saturn person often feels that the Moon person is not responsible enough or is careless. The Saturn person often finds themselves saying no to the Moon person. The Moon person may not realize it, but he/she often makes the Saturn individual feel insecure.

Moon semisextile quincunx Saturn Moon aversion to Saturn: This is a good configuration to have in a relationship if you are seeking a lighter tone and more fun. Practical day to day issues seem to have less importance.

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