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Sun conjunction Sun Sun conjunct Sun: These two individuals often share a similar purpose or objective in life. Sometimes this is a favorable combination, but if the majority of other aspects are more difficult, then this would be an indication of a clash of egos and rivalry. Competition is usually present between these two people.

Sun trine sextile Sun Sun trine or sextile Sun: These two people generally share similar objectives in life, but because each is able to retain their own individuality without feeling like they're copies of eachother as in the conjunction, the relationship is much more harmonious. The key here is that they complement eachother well and one is often capable of taking up where another leaves off. This is very favorable for teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect.

Sun opposition square Sun Sun opposite or square Sun: These two people usually have objectives that are at odds with eachother. The result is that there may be clashes of ego, frustration, conflicts and lack of compromise. While the relationship may not be very harmonious, if they do learn to overcome their stubbornness with eachother, they can achieve a great deal because this combination has a higher degree of energy than the trine or sextile.

Sun semisextile quincunx Sun Sun aversion to Sun: These two people usally have very dissimilar aims and objectives in life. Because they lack any real common ground here, there is usually a lack of interest in eachother. If they know eachother, then this configuration is not the one responsible for bringing them together.

Sun conjunction Moon Sun conjunct Moon: This is one of the great indicators for a stable and long lasting relationship. While it is great for romance and sexuality, it has the effect of unification of purpose, emotions and will and instills loyalty, trust and faithfulness in any kind of relationship. If indeed it should be present reciprocally, in other words your Sun sign is the other person's Moon sign and the other person's Sun sign is your Moon sign, then the unification is such that you may feel like soul mates. In any case, each of you will have a profound effect upon the other. A relationship with this combination can endure almost any hardship, but if it eventually fails through adversity, then it becomes a great tragedy, like Romeo and Juliet.

Sun trine sextile Moon Sun trine or sextile Moon: This is a very harmonious arrangement and almost has the same feeling as the conjunction. The two of you will have much in common and complement eachother's strengths and make up for eachother's weaknesses. This combination can endure much hardship and strain within a relationship before there is temptation to call it quits, which is why this one of the indications of a lasting relationship. However, when it breaks apart, the feeling of tragedy is not so apparent. Breakups tend to be amicable when they happen.

Sun opposition square Moon Sun opposite or square Moon: This combination tends to produce a rocky relationship. The Moon person often accuses the Sun person of being too aggressive and pushy in getting his/her own way, and the Sun person thinks the Moon person is too sensitive and emotional. This does not put the nail in the coffin of the relationship, but they will occasionally get on eachothers nerves.

Sun semisextile quincunx Moon Sun aversion to Moon: If these two people know eachother, it is usually for some specific purpose indicated by other aspects. This is because in the general areas of life these two do not have alot in common. This is especially the case if this aspect is reciprocal. If it is only on one side, then the Sun individual may not feel supported by the Moon individual in some areas. The Moon person may lack interest in the Sun person's objectives.

Sun conjunction Mercury Sun conjunct Mercury: This brings agreement and a similar point of view on many issues. It is an indication that communication is effective and smooth with few misunderstandings.

Sun trine sextile Mercury Sun trine or sextile Mercury: This is essentially the same as the conjunction. Communication is enhanced between these two individuals. They may do well conducting business together.

Sun opposition square Mercury Sun opposite or square Mercury: This aspect brings differences of viewpoint, misunderstandings and either a lack of or heated communication. Often the Mercury person complains that the Sun person is stubborn and will not listen to reason. The Sun person usually has a different agenda than the Mercury person.

Sun semisextile quincunx Mercury Sun aversion to Mercury: This is not terribly profound nor important unless this lack of aspect is reciprocal, in which case these two might find it more difficult than usual to understand eachother. These two lack a common viewpoint and often have little basis for comparison of their ideas. The result is that there may be alot of silent moments not unlike being in an elevator together.

Sun conjunction Venus Sun conjunct Venus: This union brings romantic interest and physical attraction where appropriate. It is conducive to cooperation and agreement in business. The Venus individual tends to soothe the nerves of the Sun individual. The Sun person pursues the Venus individual in romantic situations and the Venus person is often the focus of the Sun person's adoration. If hard aspects from Mars also witness this union, especially if both charts are diurnal then it is indicative of scandalous romances or unions that the public does not approve of. This is all the more likely if one or both nativities have Venus oriental.

Sun trine sextile Venus Sun trine or sextile Venus: This is essentially the same as the conjunction, but the effect is slightly weaker. The main difference is that this combination is much less likely to generate scandal. It is very favorable for romance.

Sun opposition square Venus Sun opposite or square Venus: This combination tends toward scandalous or illicit and strong physical attractions. In the relationship itself, there tends to be lack of cooperation, disharmony and difficulty in compromising. The Venus individual complains that the Sun person is too unyielding and the Sun person has trouble appreciating the Venus person's tastes and values. Money is often the in the spotlight of disagreement.

Sun semisextile quincunx Venus Sun aversion to Venus: These two people probably have different tastes in art or music and if this combination in present reciprocally, then it indicates a lack of attraction or romantic interest. Their value systems are likely to be very different.

Sun conjunction Mars Sun conjunct Mars: This relationship tends to be fast paced and stimulating and is often about doing things together. With other positive aspects, the Sun individual is capable of promoting the efforts of the Mars individual. The Mars individual can help keep the Sun individual from getting in a rut and becoming lethargic. If more difficult aspects are witnessing this union, then it tends to bring aggression and hostility. The Mars individual tends to get impatient with the Sun individual and the Sun person may cast the Mars individual in a bad light. In romantic situations this union generates passion and excitement.

Sun trine sextile Mars Sun trine or sextile Mars: This combination is very similar to the conjunction. However, aggression and hostility are unlikely. Both people will be beter able to accomplish their ambitions because they will make an effective team. This is because the impulses of the Mars individual are in harmony with the Sun person's will and purpose. This combination is good for excitement and passion in romance.

Sun opposition square Mars Sun opposite or square Mars: This combination tends to bring the more negative manifestations stated in the conjunction and is the most likely to stimulate aggression, hostility or argument. Of course, this can be avoided with reason. The Sun person will have to work on humility and compromise and the Mars person will have to work on patience and compromise.

Sun semisextile quincunx Mars Sun aversion to Mars: This is not a profound combination, but it may indicate that the relationship is not forged for purposes of getting ahead and promoting eachother's ambitions. This is more likely the case if this combination is present reciprocally.

Sun conjunction Jupiter Sun conjunct Jupiter: These two people will easily trust eachother and help further each of their ambitions. A spirit of enterprise and good will is often present. Each will defend and protect the other when threatened. It is especially favorable in business partnerships and helps bring good luck and financial success.

Sun trine sextile Jupiter Sun trine or sextile Jupiter: This is the same as the conjunction, so you should read the description above.

Sun opposition square Jupiter Sun opposite or square Jupiter: This combination can foster wrecklessness or carelessness in business and other types of relationships. Ambitions and egos sometimes clash and there is usually a lack of moderation. It is often an indication that these two do not face problems realistically and may have rose colored glasses on until it is too late. Occasionally it is an indication that the two differ in their belief systems.

Sun semisextile quincunx Jupiter Sun aversion to Jupiter: If present reciprocally, then it is often an indication that the relationship, if one exists, is not based upon enterprise and ambition. These two people will not try push eachother to new heights. Lowers expectations.

Sun conjunction Saturn Sun conjunct Saturn: This union is on the edge between being difficult and being relatively manageable. Much depends upon the other aspects to this conjunction. If favorable, then the Saturn individual can help "school" the Sun person in issues like self expression and responsibility. The Saturn person is often perceived to be more experienced and wise. The Sun person tends to cheer up the Saturn person. But if the Saturn person is born at night and other indicators are more difficult then the Saturn individual may be too strict and harsh to the Sun person and the Sun person will tend to rebel and seek independence from the Saturn person.

Sun trine sextile Saturn Sun trine or sextile Saturn: This is similar to the conjunction but tends to be more stable and favorable. They tend to have mutual ambitions and similar ideas about honor, duty and responsibility. This relationship often lasts a long time and each is loyal to the other. Each is capable of furthering the other's ambitions. I suggest looking to see whether the Sun or Saturn is in a commanding or obeying relationship by sign. It may indicate who has more authority and rank.

Sun opposition square Saturn Sun opposite or square Saturn: Like the lions and hyenas of the jungle, these two people will tend to be wary of eachother. It tends to bring mistrust and frustration of eachother's ambitions. The Saturn person will often be disappointed in the Sun person's lack of responsibility, character or lack of honor. Conflict based on jealousy is common.

Sun semisextile quincunx Saturn Sun aversion to Saturn: If present reciprocally, then issues like honor, ambition, duty and responsibility are not as likely to be a main focus of the relationship. This tends to negate issues of rank, power or authority and may create a democratic feel in the relationship.

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