Saturn Aspects

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Saturn conjunction Saturn  Saturn conjunct Saturn: This combination happens only when people are approximately the same age or they are at least a generation apart. If they are the same age, then this indicates that they have similar routines and habits and may have similar ambitions. If they are a generation apart in age, then it may be a relationship of secession where the young apprentice trains with the master in order to eventually follow in his/her footsteps.

Saturn trine sextile Saturn  Saturn trine or sextile Saturn: This aspect in often an indication of similar ambitions, habits and routines. Their schedules don't often conflict with eachother. Each is able to further the other's objectives in a practical way.

Saturn opposition square Saturn  Saturn opposite or square Saturn: These two people have conflicting habits and routines and may have a hard time organizing their schedules around eachother in order to meet the needs of both. They also may have contrary ambitions which could create mistrust and competition.

Saturn semisextile quincunx Saturn  Saturn aversion to Saturn: These two people have dissimilar habits, routines and ambitions. Unlike the square and opposition, this configuration is unlikely to generate mistrust or competition. They are most likely to leave eachother alone.

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