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Mars conjunction Mars  Mars conjunct Mars: Depending upon other aspects to this place, this union can mean either cooperation or competition. With benefics aspecting, it is usually a very cooperative combination where each is able to further the other's ambitions. If malefics aspect this place without the intercession of benefics or if the two parties have their natal Sun positions in square or opposition to eachother, then it is usually an indication of competition and rivalry. In either case, this happens because both share the same ambition.

Mars trine sextile Mars  Mars trine or sextile Mars: This aspect brings about cooperation on similar objectives. When problems arise, these two will often agree upon the best course of action. It is favorable for situations involving teamwork, sportsmanship and problem solving. Each can effectively further the other's ambitions and often work to encourage eachother.

Mars opposition square Mars  Mars opposite or square Mars: This tends to bring about a lack of cooperation and promotes an adversarial relationship. If both individuals were born in the daytime, this can create great hositility and open aggression. If both were born at night, then they may more secretly undermine eachother's ambitions while putting on a pleasant facade. If one was born in the day and the other at night, then the one born in the daytime usually shows anger more openly, while the one born at night tends to hold it in.

Mars semisextile quincunx Mars  Mars aversion to Mars: These two people often have diverging ambitions and lack a common ground for cooperation. It's not that these two people don't get along, it's just that they have a hard time finding a way to be useful to eachother. Cooperation, in this case, lacks any real benefit.

Mars conjunction Jupiter  Mars conjunct Jupiter: This union has many different potentials. Generally, the Jupiter person is very helpful and encouraging to the Mars person. It is better if the Mars individual was born at night and the Jupiter individual was born during the day; that way, controversy and wrecklessness may be avoided. If the Mars individual was born during the day, then there is the possibility that the Mars individual will occasionally be led too far down the wrong path. This is especially the case if the Jupiter person was born at night (meaning his/her expansive qualities belong to the sect of limitlessness). Symbolically this means he/she does not use good judgement in leading the Mars person.

Mars trine sextile Jupiter  Mars trine or sextile Jupiter: This combination helps each achieve their objectives. It creates an element of luck in the fortunate timing of their activities which brings about success. It is great for teamwork, sports, adventure and excitement. The Mars person may regard the Jupiter individual as his/her good luck charm. This relationship is unlikely to experience many dull moments.

Mars opposition square Jupiter  Mars opposite or square Jupiter: Care needs to be exercised here because the Jupiter individual tends to be a bad influence on the Mars person. These two people might tend to be more reserved or cautious when alone but when they get together they tend to generate controversy because each tends to put the other in a mood to take risks. This is all the more likely if Mars and Jupiter were not of the sect in favor in their respective birth charts.

Mars semisextile quincunx Jupiter  Mars aversion to Jupiter: This combination means that the Mars person is not as likely to be guided or encouraged by the Jupiter person in his/her ambitions. If they work on projects together, then they may notice that they have to earn everything because an element of luck and good fortune seems to be missing.

Mars conjunction Saturn  Mars conjunct Saturn: This union has a couple of different possibilities. The Saturn person will generally help the Mars person to concentrate his/her efforts towards some goal. Much depends upon the attitude of the Mars individual. If the Mars person was born at night and the Saturn person was born during the day, then this combination can be quite fruitful and successful and can achieve much. If however, the Mars person was born during the day, it may indicate that he/she does not like their impulses guided or held in check. If the Saturn person was born at night, then he/she must be careful not to stifle the ambitions of the Mars individual or become too strict. This combination should be avoided if the Mars person was born during the day and the Saturn person was born at night.

Mars trine sextile Saturn  Mars trine or sextile Saturn: This is usually a very beneficial and practical combination. The Saturn person is instrumental in grounding the ambitions of the Mars individual. The Mars person is able to lift the Saturn person out of any ruts he/she may get into. Together they make a very formidable pair, especially if the Mars individual was born at night and the Saturn individual was born during the day. In marriage relationships, this aspect gives them the endurance to help them weather times of adversity.

Mars opposition square Saturn  Mars opposite or square Saturn: This aspect can be quite difficult. The Saturn person may be inclined to thwart the ambitions of the Mars individual, especially if the Saturn person was born at night. The Mars person tends to raise the anxiety level of the Saturn individual, especially if the Mars person was born during the day. Each is likely to view the other as being untrustworthy.

Mars semisextile quincunx Saturn  Mars aversion to Saturn: This combination usually means that discipline is not a major factor in the relationship. In parent/child relationships, if the child is represented by Mars, it could indicate that the parent is neglectful and permissive and may spoil the child.

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