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Calendar Tool:

The Calendar Tool is used to find the exact age of the native in years, months and days from the birth date and can be accessed from the main time lord window by clicking on the calendar toolbutton as shown below:

Image calendar-btn.GIF

Alternatively, you can select it from the Tools menu above.  This will bring up the calendar window as shown below:

Image calendar-wnd.GIF

It will automatically bring up the calendar for the chart that last had time lords listed for it.  There are a number of ways this tool can be used that are not obvious at first.  You can type a date in as shown above, then click OK and it will give new output in the listbox at right.

Image date-input.GIF

If you have entered a date in this field and you click the calendar button as shown below a new listing of the years is displayed:

Image date-input2.GIF

This will re-initialize to start from a new date and if this was the start of a new decennial period, then this would give you the intervals of time elapsed in years months and days.  As shown in the first picture at the top, clicking on a year in the left list gives the start of months (in 30 day months) at the right.  This is useful in the method of profections.

Starting from where the mouse hovers over the button above and moving to the right: the calculate tool button which gives the years of life; the clear list tool button will clear both list boxes; the export tool button lists the years in the export editor; the Print toolbutton prints the output.  The Exit button closes the window; the Date Entry field and OK button list output of the native's age in years, months and days to the right listbox; and the last spinedit shows how many years to list out into the future.

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