Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Transit Toolbar:

The Transit Toolbar appears whenever you have calculated transits from the time lords window or through clicking on the graph in the graphic ephemeris and appears with the following controls:

Image transit-toolbar.GIF

The first control on the left is the Transit Interval which represents the amount either foreward or backward in time that you wish to re-calculate planet positions for.  As you can see below, there are 5 settings between 1 minute and 1 month.  The default setting is 1 day.

Image transit-tb-interval.GIF

Clicking the up/down button to the right will advance/regress the chart foreward or backward in time.

The Spin Edit control that says 5 seconds above represents the animation interval.  This means that the chart as set above will recalculate transits every 5 seconds.  The 2 green arrow buttons to the right of the spin edit allow you to choose whether to animate into the future (up arrow button), or past (down arrow button).  Once you click on one of those green arrows, these become disabled and the grayed out button to the right becomes active allowing you to stop the animation:

Image stop-animation.GIF
Tip:  For a cool animation effect, click and hold down on the up/down button while the Transit Toolbar has the input focus.  Also, the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard can be used to advance or regress the chart.

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