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Introduction to Planetary Periods / Time Lords

Planetary periods are based on recurrence cycles involving a reference planet (usually the Sun) and the object planet.  For instance, on a certain date, the Sun will be in one degree and Mercury will be in another.  The next time that Mercury is in that same degree and the Sun is also in its original position with respect to Mercury, the Mercury cycle has concluded (20 yrs in this case).  The periods (recurrences) are listed below:

Planet Lesser Years Greater Years
Sun 19 (metonic cycle) 120
Moon 25 108
Mercury 20 76
Venus 8 82
Mars 15 66
Jupiter 12 79
Saturn 30 57

This set of periods are known as the lesser years.  The greater years are not used in the zodiacal releasing with the possible exception of Capricorn.  See the Capricorn Controversy.

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