Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Edit Birth Charts:

You can edit a birth chart by selecting it in the main program window listbox and hitting the shortcut keys <Shift + Ins>, by clicking the edit tool button as shown below or by using the menu item Chart | Edit.

Image editchart.GIF

This will open the "Edit Birth Chart" window as shown below:

Image editchartwnd.GIF

The only difference between this window and the "Input New Birth Data" window is that this will come with the selected birth chart's info already loaded.  When you are satisifed with the changes, click OK for the new version of the chart to be loaded into the main birth chart listbox.  Then double click the newly loaded birth chart to view it.

Note: It is important to realize that if you are working with charts that are BCE (or BC) in the calendar, that this program uses the scientific convention for counting the years.  This means that the year zero, is the same as 1 BC, and 1000 BCE is equivalent to -999 in the spin edit box for the year.

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