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Create Derived Charts

Derived charts are charts that are based upon other birth charts.  For instance, a solar return is a chart derived from the position of the Sun in a natal chart.  To access this feature, click the toolbutton as shown below or use the shortcut key <Ctrl + T>.

Image derivecharttb.GIF

Alternatively, you can access this from the menu:

Image derivechartmnu.GIF

This will bring up the derived charts dialog window:

Image derivechartwnd.GIF

When you click on a base chart (the chart you are basing the derivative on) the chart details are listed to the right and defaults for that chart are loaded below in the Search Start Date / Location.  You can set the chart up for any location in the world.  The same location tools that are available for new chart setup are also available here (ACS Atlas, MS Streets and web access).  Clicking Now loads the current date and time.

Search direction indicates whether to search forward or backward in time relative to the search start date.  Then select which chart type to calculate which can be one of the return charts or the 3rd, 7th and 40th days of the Moon.  The latter shows where the Moon was located on each of those dates.  Hellenistic astrologers considered these positions of the Moon important for forecasting violent deaths and nativities of good or ill repute.

Note:  As of this writing, I have not figured in a reliable search algorithm for planets that go retrograde.  Sometimes it may be necessary to choose different dates to find the return you are searching for because a date may be too close and overshoot, finding the return after the one you expected to find.

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