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Retain Birth Charts:

The "Retain Charts" function is for loading the birth charts you wish to keep for your next session of Delphic Oracle.  This speeds up the process of examination, by making it unnecessary to open charts when you first start up.

To retain birth charts, highlight the charts that you wish to keep for your next session, then click the retain toolbutton at the top of the main window:

Image retainchart.GIF

Alternately you can use the menu item Chart | Retain or hold down the <Ctrl + R> keys on your keyboard.

Image retainchartmnu.GIF

To select more than one chart, hold down the <Ctrl> key while clicking on it in the list, or click on one chart on the list then hold down the <Shift> key and click another one.  The latter command highlights all charts between the first one you clicked and the second one.

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