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There are basically three issues with the decennials.  Valens says that some carelessly started with the Sun or Moon in the decennial system even if it was not "telling" to do so.  However, because there is disagreement as to what is "telling" (chrematistikoi), you may want to toggle this setting for charts you have doubt about.  This setting, "Decennials start with" is shown below:

Image decennialset.GIF

Calendar to Use:

Valens recommended the use of a 360 day year for the decennials.  This is probably because the round 360 day year represents the ideal noetic (solar) year, whereas the 365.25 day year is more chaotic/dyadic and represents not what nous intended, but what is unknowable.  The exception to this was in the use of the quarters of the Moon because her dyadic contrarial nature was better represented by the actual natural year.

3rd and 4th Level:

Hephastio used a straight proportion of the times through all levels of decennials, but Valens mimicked the 1st and second levels in the 3rd and 4th. Select from the radio group wich method you wish to research.  On the first two subdivisions, both procedures are the same.

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