Delphic Oracle 4 Online Help

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Options Tab:

The "Reset Usage Data" button will reset the usage data of your menu's so that infrequently used items are not hidden by a down arrow.  If you don't like menu items hidden at all then uncheck "Menu show recently used items first".

Image tbcustoptionstab.GIF

Note:  As of this writing, I have not included code to make the caption options resize to adapt to new text added to the right to toolbuttons.  If you choose to add captions, it will not include all of the buttons visibly and you will have to click the down arrow to the right of each toolbar.  If you want this option then I suggest you remove some of the toolbuttons first by clicking the down arrow as shown below:

Image addorremove.GIF

If this down arrow is not visible, then undock the toolbar and redock it and then it will reappear.  After rebooting Delphic Oracle, the arrows will then appear in the proper proportion.

I recommend against checking the large icons checkbox as I have not yet written code to resize the toolbar accordingly and it will look bad.  The show tips on toolbars checkbox allows hints to popup whenever you hover the mouse over the item.  The show shortcut keys does the same thing adding the shortcut key you use to reach the item in the popup hint.  The menu animations Default, Unfold, Slide and Fade are easier demonstrated than described.  I suggest you try them out if you are curious by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting an item then testing the menu to see what it does.

IMPORTANT:  All of the toolbar and menu settings are saved in a file called "toolsettings.fil".  If you get stuck with a configuration that you don't like and you don't know how to change it back, then just go into the directory that you installed Delphic Oracle into and delete this file.  It is automatically created by DelphicOracle.exe and is not necessary for proper functioning of the program.  It's purpose is to save your modifications to the toolbars.

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