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Profections are another time lord system based upon a simple progression in the order of the signs from a given starting point.  There are annual, monthly and daily profections for each planet or lot (arabic part as they are sometimes called).  A "profection" is simply a "jump" from one sign to the next.  For instance, an annual profection jumps from one sign to the next on your birthdate every year.  If fortune was in Gemini when you were born, then the annual profection for Fortune on your next birthday would be Cancer and so on...

The length of the profected year is set at 365.24172 by default so that by doing a transit for the birthdate on a different year than the one you were born, it calculates an approximate "solar return".  The Sign Names can be abbreviated so that the output is cleaner by selecting "Short" for 2 letter names for the signs in the time lords output listbox.

Image profection-set.GIF

Daily Profection Type:

There are two types of daily profection.  The one Valens used was 1 sign per day.  The "Mimic Lunar Motion" setting will do 12 profections per month (1 sign every 2.4 days) and changes signs at about the same rate as a lunar transit.

Daily Profection Scaling:

This option is grayed out if "Mimic Lunar Motion" is selected.

The scaling of daily profections according to Valens is a thorny issue.  Does one profect a daily profection in accordance with a 365 day year?  If this is the case, profections will start at the same time every day from birth, which is the way it is set in this example, but what happens to the 5 days left over each year?  If there should always be 30 daily profections in a month, and there are 365 days in a year, then it is also possible that there should always be 30 daily profections/month.  If so, the first radiobutton should be checked.

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