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Zodiacal Aphesis:

The calendar type allows scaling of the zodiacal aphesis time lords in the same way as it did above with the 129 year system.  The 3rd option also used a 360 day year.  The loosing of the bond in major periods refers to what happens after 12 major periods have passed.  Valens recommended loosing of the bond after 12 "minor" periods (or monthly periods), but did not say what to do after 12 major periods.  I extrapolated that it might be possible that a bond loosing occurs after 12 major periods as well and allowed this posibility in the program.  Since 12 major periods is roughly 210 years, this is an issue only in studying charts not related to the human life span.

Image za-settings.GIF

Valens recommended that when fortune and spirit were in the same sign that one should release the times for spirit from the sign following fortune so this option is included here.  In the output of the main listbox in the time lords window, the sign names can either be full or abbreviated with 2 letters, so that option is here as well.

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