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Quarters of the Moon:

Valens used a 365.0 day year for the quarters method.  The edit box at top left has this value by default.  Unless you have a real good reason to change these values, you should leave them alone.

Image quarters-set.GIF

The radio group at the bottom allows you to display the major periods in two different ways.  The first setting displays the quarters this way:

Image quarters-display1.GIF

This allows you to see the "defining cycles" of the method.  The dates and their use are no different, but it allows you to see clearly when 32.25 years have elapsed.  There might also possibly be some use for this "macro" period when the periods involved are very long as is the case in mundane astrology.  This is just speculation on my part, but it could be seen as in the above case that the Sun "macro" period or cycle lasts from 12/11/1943 to 3/3/1976.  This is not the way Valens used it.

The alternate selection lists them this way:

Image quarters-display2.GIF

This is closer to the way Valens interpreted the periods.

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