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Greek Lots / Arabic Parts Options:

Check the checkbox at the top (as shown below) if you want to use the corrected version of the hermetic lots recommended by Robert Schmidt.

Image lotspartsopt.GIF

Schmidt says that he was bothered for a long time about the translation of the lot formulas in Paulus. He says that the problem was that the ascendant cancels out in the day calculation, but gets doubled in the night calculation, which seemed unsymmetrical. By comparing similar passages in Dorotheus he thinks he has come up with a solution. The corrections are to be used both by day and night because the lot of Fortune and Spirit (which are present within the formula) reverse anyway according to sect. If you prefer the original formula published in the Project Hindsight translations, leave this box unchecked.  With the lot of the father, Greek sources preferred the lot based on Jupiter and Mars, the Arabs preferred the Sun and Jupiter.  Medieval tradition uses the Sun / Jupiter version when Saturn is combust and can't provide testimony to the cosmic soul for constructing an analog of the nature of the father.

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