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Swiss Ephemeris Path:

The path must be set correctly for Delphic Oracle to be able to find the Swiss Ephemeris files.  If this path is not set correctly, Delphic Oracle calculates planetary positions using the Moshier ephemeris.  The Moshier ephemeris has a 6,000 year time span from the dates 3,000 BCE to 3,000 CE.  If you wish to calculate planet positions for dates outside that range, or asteroid positions, then setting the Swiss Ephemeris path correctly is important.

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The default path is set to c:\sweph\ephe\.  If you buy the registered version of Delphic Oracle and accept the defaults in the installation then you will not need to set this manually.  If you have another program that uses the Swiss Ephemeris, then you might want to set the path to that directory instead, which will save you disk space (about 35 MB) because you will not need duplicate ephemeris files.

Hiding Messages:

If for some reason the Swiss Ephemeris does a calculation and it is not what you expect either due to an error or date range issue, etc... then you can have the Swiss Ephemeris notify you when these occur.  These messages are most common when you have not installed the Swiss Ephemeris and the Moshier ephemeris is used to do the calculation.  You can decide to hide these messages if you get sick of them by checking the check box below the Swiss Ephemeris path.  Initially it is useful to leave this box unchecked until you are sure that the Swiss Ephemeris is in fact doing the calculations and not the Moshier ephemeris.

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