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129 Year System:

The 129 year system is based upon the sum of the minor periods of the 7 visible planets:

Sun 19
Moon 25
Mercury 20
Venus   8
Mars 15
Jupiter 12
Saturn 30
Total 129

The minor periods are based upon recurrence cycles.  In other words, the amount of time that it takes a planet to return to the same position (by moira/degree in most cases) that it had relative to the Sun's position.  The exception is the Sun which uses a recurrence cycle based upon the lunar nodes (also called the metonic cycle).

The 129 year system is a general time lord system that gives information about the ordering of events of the native's life as a whole.  It is similar to the decennial time lord system except that the period lengths differ.  They both have the same method of ordering the periods.  I have added the option to calculate according to sect only (regardless of planet placement) or by chrematistikos which takes into consideration whether the planet declaring the order has the authority to do so.

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