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What to Look for in the Sub Periods: (zodiacal aphesis)

Once you have determined the activity level of the subject matter, there are some other things to look at to determine the quality of the times for the subject.

First see if the Major period and sub period signs have an aspect to eachother.  An aspect indicates activity primarily and only the quality of that activity secondarily.  Here squares and oppositions are just as desirable as trines and sextiles.  It is the times (signs) that are in aversion (inconjunct by modern standards) that show the most difficulty because the 2 signs cannot see eachother in the cosmic soul and therefore cannot have dealings with eachother to effect an outcome on the natives behalf!

Next look at any planets that are natally in the sign of the current major period or further sub periods.  These planets show the outcome of the quality of the times.  If it is Saturn or Mars present and the cosmic state of this planet is not good then there will be obstructions and trouble regarding the subject matter at the times of the sign that has one of these planets.

If there are no planets in this sign for the current times natally, then see if the sign is one of a benefic or a malefic.  For example if the sign for the times is Scorpio, then Mars, a malefic, is in charge of the times and unless the chart is nocturnal or essentially dignified there may be some trouble indicated in the subject matter, but usually this is less dangerous than having one of the malefics present.

See if there is an aspect (by whole sign) between the sign of the lord of the major period and the sign of the lord of any of the sub periods.  In other words, if there is an aspect between these 2 lords by their sign position - NO orbs!  We are also using natal configurations here, not transits.  If there is, then this heightens the activity and effectiveness for the period regarding the subject matter.

In the case of the 3rd and 4th subdivisions, I have noticed that when the 3rd and 4th subdivisions repeat the Major and 2nd subperiod that there is important activity.  Especially if the lords aspect eachother and there are planets in both signs.

The 3rd and 4th subdivisions seem to reinforce the major pattern by adding to the "amplitude" by being in pivots with respect to the times.

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