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When the Aphesis Begins from a Decline:

This lot will not show its effects as clearly as the other positions and if you are investigating either the Fortune or Spirit, Valens advises you take the times for both of these types of issues from the other lot not in a decline.  However, you may be able to see the times of misfortune (Fortune) or times dangerous to the reputation (Spirit) by doing a releasing from the lot declining.  Not alot is known about this and more research needs to be done here.

This may be a case in which the "sine waves" cancel each other out to some extent.  Valens clearly states that any lot becomes the "angle" for that issue showing the times of highest activity for that issue, but because this angle declines from the cosmic consciousness, its effects will not be widely known but important only to the native and not as oracular in general.  In this case, the cosmic angles are declines with respect to the lot and the cosmic post ascensions are also post ascensions for the lot.

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