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Initial Determinations:

Before all else we must know what is possible for the native by the natal configuration.  For if Fortune or Spirit indicates something specific for the native by natal configuration, then it will happen when the lord of Fortune or Spirit becomes a chronocrator for either the general or specific times (major or sub periods).

In general we know that when the lots of Spirit or Fortune are in the angles (the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th signs from the ascendant) that the cosmic soul perceives more brilliantly and clearly the natives life for these issues.  This is why it is said in the ancient Greek texts that these places are more "oracular" than the others.  The angles give these signs more clearly.

It is also the case that if one of these 2 lots falls in a decline (cadent), then the other is usually either in a pivot (angle) or is post ascensional (succedent).  Because these 2 lots are always equidistant from the ascendant-descendant axis, it is not likely to have both lots declining.  Even if both are declining with respect to the whole sign house system, it is usually the case that one of them will fall in one of the strength divisions (modern house systems) that is more moderate.

Valens says that when one of these lots falls in a decline natally (and the other is either pivotal or post-ascensional), that we should use the other lot for both Fortune and Spirit issues.  This is naturally the case because we rely on our strengths and not our weaknesses.  For example, if Fortune declines and Spirit is pivotal, then it is the actions and reputation that become the cause for having a well paid career which leads to financial success (Fortune).  The opposite may also be the case when Spirit declines and Fortune is pivotal.  Here it is not the natives actions that are effective, but simply the good will of the world at large and they develop a reputation for good luck and whatever else Fortune should signify by its position.

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