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The method of circumambulation was the main "progression" method in Hellenistic times.  Instead of using a day for a year, they used the diurnal motion of the sky, also known as the "motion of the Same" in Plato's Timaeus.  This motion defines the ascensional times of the signs and the oblique ascension between any two points can be found using trigonometirc formula.  The basic idea is to find out how many degrees pass over the meridian in one's location in the time it takes for a starting point to rise high enough so that the other point is on the horizon.  These degrees are converted to years of time.

The confine lord (bound or term lord) if using the Dorothean option is the main general time lord and the last ray before the current date that was encountered is the current assisting lord.  If using the Ptolemaic option, then this reverses so that the main lord is the last ray encountered, and the confine lord is the one that recounts the events.

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