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Quarters of the Moon:

Valens used the quarters method with profections and considered them highly effective.  The planets that have the times in a given period of the persons life show what the major issues are and sub periods show how that issue unfolds.  For instance if a general (major) period lord is currently the Sun and that planet is in the 10th house, career issues, the father and other issues as signified by that combination will come to the fore during that time, the successive sub periods indicate the outcomes or variations of activity.

In the same manner a sub period can indicate by its position what happens.  For instance, if the Sun major period is in the 10th, then hands over to Mars which is natally in the 8th, it can mean a cutting off of the career, change of career direction in accord with the nature of the native's 8th house.  If it hands over to Jupiter while it is either natally or by transit in the 1st, it can indicate promotion, if Saturn is the current period lord and is in the 12th it cools off the career prospects and makes the issue more slack, etc...

It is always more important to consider the natal position of the planet.  Afterwards consider where the same planet that is the time lord transits and where.

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