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What is Zodiacal Aphesis?

Zodiacal aphesis is a technique introduced by Vettius Valens circa 160 - 170 C.E., used to see when a planet, part or lot has dominion in the natal chart.  According to Robert Schmidt, "aphesis" means releasing, and what is released is the debt of the signs significations for the native over the time period indicated.  Planetary periods based upon recurrence cycles are the basis for the length of time for each period.

Valens considered this to be a highly potent method and avocated the use of the lots of fortune and spirit with this method to indicate the times of effective action, travel, etc (spirit) and bodily crisis (fortune). There is some speculation that there is a form/matter (Greek - eidos/hule) relationship between the major period and its sub periods.

The function of successive sub periods is to bring an outcome to the subject matter of the major period.

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