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What is the Lot of Fortune?

The lot of fortune (also know as the part of fortune) is a point found by taking the zodiacal longitude by day from the Sun to the Moon and applying the same amount from the ascendant.  Use this formula taking the zodiacal longitude of each point:

Day:Fortune = Ascendant + Moon - Sun
Night:Fortune = Ascendant + Sun - Moon

By day, it is found by taking the number of degrees and minutes from the Sun to the Moon and applied to the horoskopos (Greek word for ascendant).  By night it is the reverse.

Fortune (tuche in Greek) means that which happens or befalls the native.  It is not just money or material wealth, it is luck in the sense that it is what returns to you on the basis of your actions (also known as spirit).  Fortune is analogous to the Moon and sometimes called the ascendant of the Moon.  This lot is used to judge the times most profitable financially and for good health, afflictions to the times or the lot itself indicates dangers in these areas when the planets afflicting are chronocrators (responsible for the times of releasing or aphesis).

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